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Yoga for Rehabilitation

About Yoga for Rehabilitation
Everything emerges from your foundation and connection to the Earth.  The more steadiness the more you can open to spaciousness. Integral Yoga stems from the traditional ancient yoga sutras, Integral Yoga rose from the spiritual teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda who was invited by the United Nations to come to the United States to teach yoga to Americans in the early 1970's. Integral Yoga combines all the elements of the studies of the Yoga Sutras including pranayama, asanas, and meditation, psychology of mind, self-analysis and self-less service to cultivate an easeful mind and a peaceful body. 

Jacqueline Greenfield started studying yoga in her 20's at the Integral Yoga Institute in New York City to rehabilitate from a back injury from an auto accident. Later, she took a 500-hour teacher training in 2010 and applies the principles her education to help her patients with musculoskeletal problems during Tui Na and acupuncture sessions.

Yoga for Rehabilitation
Part of Tui Na sessions

Practitioner: Jacqueline Greenfield ND
Cost: as for Tui Na sessions, 45 minutes, £40

You can book an appointment by calling greenfields clinic on 01227 454 848 or contact Jacqueline Greenfield ND for more information.

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