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Yoga Classes

About Integral™ Yoga for a Peaceful Mind and an Easeful Body
Humanity has been living in cultures that have distorted and masked the senses by perpetuating undesirable behaviours spawned by the system of monetary exchange and scarcity. Various self help programmes seek to resolve the life struggles that have invariably resulted in a struggle for the innate right to food, clean air and water, shelter, a relevant education and health care. Few are fortunate to find the lost path to true happiness, the only imperative of existence. 

The goal and meaning of Yoga is to be freed from the mind chatter and bring the awareness to the union between mind, body and spirit. Integral Yoga™ helps to steer the mind away from negative cultivation. Students who regularly cultivate a daily personal  practice can enjoy  this long lasting more global effect.  Each day of practice brings a student into more balance and harmony as they can develop the tools to maintain a rewarding path to an easeful body, peaceful mind and purposeful life.

  • First 30 minutes, opening chant and 1-6 asanas
  • Next 30 minutes, 7-20 and yoga mudra sealing gesture for cultivating the new energy brought about during the asanas.
  • Last 30 minutes, yoga nidra, pranayama, meditation, closing chant. Integrating and calming the mind for self realisation via wakeful sense withdrawal
Yoga classes are for a maximum of six people.

Thursday evenings 6:00 - 7:30 pm.

Practitioner: Jacqueline Greenfield

Cost: by donation.

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© greenfields clinic
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