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Yoga Classes Details

Practitioner: Jacqueline Greenfield

What to Expect:

We begin and end the practice with the harmonising cosmic sounds of chanting, which brings into focus the enhancing qualities of sanga via harmonising sounds that help to bring everyone into balance with the natural flow of universal energy.

Emphasis is on approaching the hatha yoga practice as a gentle flow of movements, bringing awareness to the subtle vital energies by focusing on the breath during the limbering movements called pawanmuktasana and asanas, the easeful, stabilising yoga poses that develop the normal contours of the body. 

A set of limbering exercises that support circulation and oxygenation precede the yoga poses. Cat/Cow, wrist and ankle circles, leg stretch, 1/2 sun salutation-with swan dive, uttanasana-forward fold, with down dog, chest opener.

Basic Asanas are carefully guided to set a sound foundation for life. Mindful flow of movements between action and rest through a full range of limb and body motion is emphasised during these asanas:

1. Comfortable seated pose, sukhasana-easy seat, vajrasana-pelvic seat or thunder bolt, ardha padmasana-half lotus 
1. Netra vyayamam-eye movements
2. Limbering exercises
3. Balasana-child pose
4. Tadasana- standing foundation
5. Surya namaskaram-sun salutation
6. Optional standing poses sankatasana/utkatsana  chair pose, ardha chandrasana half moon, vrikshasana-tree virabhadrasana-warrior, et al.
7. Savasana-corpse pose acknowledging support of the Earth
8. Advasana-relaxation pose on the abdomen aligning the body for balanced activity 
9. Bhujangasana-cobra
10. Ardha salabasana-half locust
11. Salabasana-locust
12. Dhanurasana-bow
13. Dandasana-staff pose, sitting foundation
14. Janusishasana-head to knee
15. Bhadrasana-hip opener or options
16. Paschimotasana- full forward bend
17. Sarvangasana-shoulder stand or modified anti-aging
18. Matsyasana-fish anti-aging
19. Pavanmuktasana-wind relieving 
20. Arddha matsyandrasana- half spinal twist or jathara parivartanasana-supine half spinal twist detoxification and anti-aging.

During the regular practice of asanas  the body-mind is prepared for accessing the crown jewel of a cultivated yoga practice, which is to bring the awareness into the still point of presence the goal of moving in life meditatively in every moment. 

Bringing the awareness to a specific focus during a full range of body movements attending to what  extent is natural for your individual body structure and the present moment of your practice, the asanas are used to regulate body systems, improve the flow of energy while effectively relieving stress.
Once the asanas have re-vitalised the body, yoga mudra  enhances the energising effects by using a reflex hand gesture.  

The practice moves on to yoga nidra, a guided withdrawal of the senses supporting integration of the benefits of the asanas with innate natural healing.  

Next enhancing the practice is  pranayama, breathing techniques for developing the even flow of prana (vital force energy) are demonstrated and guided.  
1. Dirgha svasam-three-part breathing or deep breathing
2. Kapalabhati-skull shining breath or rapid abdominal breathing
3. Nadi suddi-alternate nostril breathing or nerve purification

Incorporating the breathing methods with intention and with ease during the class guides the body's vital energies to the crown jewel of hatha yoga, a brief period of silent meditation where sense withdrawal brings us to the doorway to infinite peace.