Laboratory Services

Laboratory services available at greenfields clinic and from greenfields health store
Most orthodox medical laboratory tests and functional tests are available at the clinic, subject to being medically indicated from a consultation and examination. 

Commonly used lab tests include the following: 
  • greenfields lab services is our specialist in-house testing facility for blood grouping and subgrouping. Tests are carried out by a qualified laboratory technician specialising in haematology (blood group testing). Special techniques have been developed to be able to test small amount of blood from a fingerprick, so that patients can take a sample at home and send by post prior to their appointment. Blood group tests can also be purchased online for home use.
  • 23&Me Genetic testing (bulk SNP analysis only)
  • Acumen Lab in the UK specialises in testing mitochondrial function and toxicity. 
  • Biolab in London offers a wide range of nutritional and functional tests.
  • Biovis' and Ettlingen Laborzentrum offer many standard diagnostic tests, as well as specialist tests for Cell Symbiosis Therapy according to Dr. Heinrich Kremer.
  • Cyrex Laboratories in the US offers specialist arrays for gluten sensitivity testing and autoimmune reactivity screening.
  • Genova Diagnostic Laboratory in the US offers a wide range of functional tests. 
  • North American Pharmacal offers salivary secretor testing and genetic testing for secretor status.
  • Great Plains Laboratory in the US carries out detailed functional metabolic testing from urine, stool and blood samples. 
  • ProImmun M test is from the Proimmun Laboratory in Pirmasens, Germany.
  • Other tests are carried out at standard diagnostic laboratories.
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Blood grouping at greenfields laboratory
Image © Gerardo Calia
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Image © Gerardo Calia