SWAMI GenoType

This is the more in-depth approach to detailing your personalised diet
'The GenoType Diet takes Dr Peter D'Adamo's groundbreaking research to the next level with a customised programme that works with your genetic makeup to maximise health and weight loss, as well as prevent or even reverse disease. According to Dr. D'Adamo, a host of environmental factors, including diet and lifestyle, dictate how and when your genes express themselves. With the right tools, you can turn on the good genes and shut down the bad ones.

Be in charge of your life, make nutrition and lifestyle choices that support wellbeing and longevity. Get GenoTyped and get a lifetime of knowledge about the healing power of personalised nutrition, stress management and lifestyle based on your unique genetic and environmental factors. GenoTyping is an approach to naturopathic medicine which uses easily-obtained indicators of individual genetic factors to establish a person's genetic type.
Swami GenoType:

Blood group and subgroup testing is available at our laboratory for dietary analysis according to the Blood Type Diet®. Now you can go one step further: GenoTyping is also available using the SWAMI GenoType software developed by Dr. Peter D'Adamo. Realise the promise of Personalised Nutrition with Dr. D'Adamo's new computer software programme: SWAMI GenoType generates a completely individualised diet plan just for you.

New York Times Bestselling author Dr. Peter D'Adamo has combined the power of computers with his encyclopaedic knowledge of biochemical individuality to produce the ultimate diet software programme.
SWAMI GenoType, used at the D'Adamo Clinic, is a sophisticated collection of diet analysis and reporting software written by Dr. Peter D'Adamo, a world-renowned expert in nutrition and genomics, and developer of The Blood Type Diet® and The GenoType® Diet Systems. Now his SWAMI GenoType allows your practitioner to generate a 35- to 50-page personalised dietary report after 12,600,000 individual calculations (performed on 225 individual nutrient values found for each of 800 different foods, all matched to the results of your measurements and intake facts).

Imagine walking into your local bookshop, picking up a popular diet book, and watching it miraculously write itself for you in front of your very eyes! That's the power of SWAMI GenoType. Unlike static, unchangeable, one-size-fits-all diet books, SWAMI GenoType will use your own health profile to build a dynamic, one of a kind diet book that is right for you.

The SWAMI GenoType programme features a web-based user interface, so the latest version of the software is always available.

You can print out a beautiful, personalised diet plan and Cookbook. You also will receive free access to Dr. Peter D'Adamo's unique Meal Planner software, which will allow you to create individualised weekly meal plans, shopping lists, and a personalised cookbook containing recipes that link with your diet!

Measurements used to run SWAMI GenoType:
  • Several simple body measurements and your fingerprints;
  • Blood Type and Rh Group;
  • Although beneficial but not mandatory, knowledge of your Secretor Status, MN and Duffy blood groups;
  • Blood group and subgroup testing is available in our on-site laboratory.
Tom Greenfield ND MRN MIfHI DO 
Jacqueline Greenfield ND MIfHI Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM) L.Ac

Cost: £500 for the full SWAMI GenoType Personalised Nutrition assessment package, consisting of:
  • 2-hour consultation, examination, focused physical assessment and biometric measurements;
  • Fasting breath hydrogen lactulose test; 
  • Bioimpedance analysis, measuring body fat, muscle mass, intracellular water, extracellular water, phase angle;
  • ABO with A subgroups and Rh (D) blood group test;
  • Determination of secretor status via Lewis blood group;
  • MN blood group
  • Duffy blood group
  • Full personalised nutrition and lifestyle report with recipe guide;
  • 30-minute follow-up appointment in-clinic or by phone;
  • Ongoing personal use of the SWAMI GenoType meal planning software, and your intake data is stored in the software database for use at subsequent appointments via your practitioner;
£50  for a half-hour follow-up appointment, or £90 for one-hour follow-up with Tom Greenfield.
£85 for a half-hour follow-up appointment with Jacqueline Greenfield.

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