Details of Dr. Peter D'Adamo's Presentation at the UK Regional IfHI Conference

Post date: 03-Jul-2013 14:44:47

Dr. Peter D'Adamo ND, MIfHI, will be presenting the following seminar at the IfHI Regional Conference on Sunday 15th September 2013:

Epigenetics and phenotypic plasticity: Methods of assessment and actionable consequences.

ABSTRACT: Post-genomic (epigenetic) influences on gene expression are well-recognized factors behind the flux and mutability that characterizes the development of inter-individual differences. However the critical role of the glycome (the complement of glycans of an organism) in the modulation of phenotypic plasticity is far less known. Glycosylation acts as an important 'finishing school,’ imbuing high-value information on to proteins and lipids that controls and regulates cell functions as diverse as morphogenesis, heat shock responses, apoptosis, hormesis, metastasis and phenotypic canalization. Because the glycome is downstream from the genome, its assessment is surprisingly phenotypic in nature. This is especially beneficial to the busy clinician as many interesting and helpful conclusions can be draw in real-time, via surprisingly simple and cost-effective methods.


To foster greater understanding of how the glycome influences the wider dynamics of inter-individuality and introduce the functional concept of an 'epiglycome'.

To move the nutrigenomic discussion beyond current genome/SNP/haplotype deterministic model, which despite major improvements in throughput, are prohibitively expensive and only marginally predictive.


  1. Understand the basics of glycobiology and how this applies to the clinical assessment of the patient
  2. Understand the appropriate analytic methodologies (serologic, biometric and dermatoglyphic) that underpin the assessment of the glycome
  3. Learn appropriate lifestyle suggestions and therapeutic interventions based upon conclusions drawn from 1 and 2