IfHI Training in Germany

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Tom and Jacqueline Greenfield are running another Fellow Training and Certification course for the Institute for Human Individuality. The course will take place in the town of Worms, Germany, between 1st-3rd March 2013. Attendees are eligible to take the Fellow of the Insitiute for Human Individuality (FIfHI) certification exam. This allows successful examinees to educate the public about the blood group diet and GenoType Diet. See the German blood group diet website for further information about the training. The course will be given in English, with German translation. Further information from the organiser follows:

See what our US friends at Peter D'Adamo's company newletter said about our European Conference: http://www.4yourtype.com/2013_newsletter_v10n04.asp#IfHI

At Last:

The first seminar on Blood Type Diet in Germany!

Weekend Intensive Seminar with Certification in March 2013, in Worms

With the latest information!

Book soon!

The number of participants is limited!

"Nothing in the world is as powerful as an idea whose time has come." (Victor Hugo)

Believe it or not, but it this is the first seminar on the Blood Group and GenoType diet by Dr. Peter D´Adamo. It is not only the first in Germany, but the first in Continental Europe.

The time is right, because...

There are several reasons that have moved me to think about this step.

The interest in the blood type diet is continued as before, despite some attempts this nutritional concept "to suppress“. What is not surprising, as it has found many adherents and - more importantly - many people who could significantly improve their lives and their health in a simple way. But something was still missing...

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." (Arthur Schopenhauer)

Repeated requests for training opportunities and more detailed information from both readers of the books about the Blood-Type-Diet, as well as the therapists. The information from the books are not sufficient for most therapists, they want more background knowledge. Also you will not find the basics of the blood groups diet in the conventional training for nutritionists or naturopaths.

Thus, several factors have come together which motivated me to offer such a seminar in Germany.

1. great interest regarding new/current information

2. repeated requests from interested parties wanting therapists for the blood type diet

3. a lack of trained therapists in Germany

4. inquiries from therapists after appropriate training

International seminars have been held in the United States so far only every two years. However, a trip to the United States is too expensive for many. In addition, not everyone is sufficiently proficient in the English language to be able to participate on such a seminar.

For many still unnoticed the blood type diet has evolved in the meantime. Dr. Peter D ´ Adamo has in December 2007 published the book "The Genotype Diet - Change your genetic destiny" and has so created another important building block to the role of genes for our lives. The book contains groundbreaking health plans for wellness, weight loss, prevention and resolving diseases. It makes the epigenetics accessible (open to the public?) and implementable. Unfortunately, this book not yet published in the German language and thus not yet „arrived“ in Germany.

So, I can now present the brief for the first seminar in Germany. Please read on for more information about the seminar.


Silvia Neumann

(NAP Representative for Germany)


Brief information for newcomers to the Blood Type Diet:

We now know: men are different to women. Gender and other characteristics such as race or geographical origin are quite important notes to align one's life. But what Dr. Peter D'Adamo found out leaves this knowledge very far behind. We are much more different than many think.

In a single drop of your blood, each cell contains a biochemical code that is as unique as your fingerprint. This has much more impact on our lives, as science now accepts. The concept of blood groups explains these biological differences and explains how best to use the information.

Many individual differences are associated with the four blood groups alone. Who would have thought that digestion, the ability to handle stress, your state of mind, the activity of metabolic and immune systems, thickness of blood and the effects of sport are different from person to person?

Biochemical individuality is based on genetics, nutrition, lifestyle and personality. The blood type is an ideal and easily accessible indicator of much about the health of the individual. It also allows an analysis of the personal characteristics of an individual therapy, and better results with fewer side effects.

The Basic Principle: There is no appropriate health plan with one size fits all.

"No single diet theory can address all aspects of our individuality, and only a fool would claim that soy, red meat, grains, coconut oil or anything else is universally good or universally bad for everyone.“

(Dr. Peter D´Adamo)


The Blood Type Diet in Germany

People want more than just to follow a particular form of nutrition. They want to practice a lifestyle that takes into account their biochemical individuality. The concepts of the Blood Type Diet and the GenoType Diet offer plans that can show you how you can get to that point. And our goal is to help you, so that you can easily integrate these changes into your daily lives. You can find important information on how to start with the Blood Type Diet on www.4Blutgruppen.de


The Blood Type Diet Seminar

What you can expect from the seminar:

This seminar makes you familiar with the basic concepts of the Blood Type Diet and the GenoType Diet. Practical aspects of the Blood Type Diet are applied, such as blood group testing and GenoTyping.


• Basic concepts of the Blood Type Diet

• the research behind the Blood Type Diet

• Introduction to genetics

• latest results from the genetics, Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics

• GenoType Diet

• Special topics such as lectins, diseases and ageing process

Specialist knowledge

• Difference Secretor – Non-Secretor

• Stress reactions and associations

• Food and the connection to blood groups

• Lectins and the link to inflammation

• Digestive diferences


• Blood group testing and GenoType testing in practice (we will test them in small groups, at the end of this seminar each person will know which blood type he/she has and which GenoType he/she is)

• Certification for IfHI-fellow

• This will be conveyed from two IfHI "Masters“ from England.

This seminar is an IfHI Event

The Institute for Human Individuality (IfHI) has as its prime goal the fostering of education and research in the expanding area of human nutrigenomics and epigenetics. These emerging sciences seek to provide a molecular understanding for how common dietary chemicals affect health by altering the expression or structure of an individual's genetic makeup.

IfHI was founded in 2001, as the result of conversations between the D'Adamo family and Dr. Paul Mittman, president of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. The D'Adamo's felt a need to 'give back' in appreciation of the great success of Dr. D'Adamo's writings, and wanted to sponsor research in nutrigenomics, which they feel is a direct descendant of his work. Dr. Mittman has always felt that the individualised approach to healing is a cornerstone of naturopathic philosophy that was gradually slipping away as naturopathic medicine becomes increasingly scientific and clinical.

Can anyone attend on the seminar?

Yes, the seminar is open to the general public.

The number of participants is limited, so that we can provide supervision and exchange between participants and speakers. The seminar is suitable for therapists as well as interested laypeople. Even if you are not a doctor or a therapist, but just interested in optimisation of your diet and lifestyle you are welcome to participate.

The lectures are separated on Sunday to meet the needs of laypeople and those taking the IfHI Fellow Exam.

Priorities of the first group: a clinical track which is more technical and leads to certification

Priorities of the second group: practical implementation for every day in life.

How can I become IfHI certified?

Candidates for IfHI certification (Fellows) must complete and pass an IfHI administered certification examination. Although most candidates will have a background in research or healthcare, the examination is open to all.

Certification for IfHI Fellow

• The test is open to all applicants. The examination fee is 150 Euro

• The Subject of the test is included in the content of the seminar: The basic principles of the Blood Type Diet, polymorphism, genetics, immunology, and professional standards.

• Participants will receive the IfHI Study Guide and additional documents.

• Upon satisfactory completion of the test, the applicant will receive a Certificate of Registration and a registration number as a Fellow of the Institute for Human Individuality.

• The certification fee includes a one year membership of the Institute.


Tom Greenfield

Craniosacral Therapy, Diploma in Osteopathy, Diploma in Naturopathy

Tom became a Fellow of the Institute for Human Individuality (cum laude) in 2003, a Master of the Institute for Human Individuality (cum laude) in 2005, and lectured at the biennial conference of the Institute for Human Individuality in 2007 and 2009, where he is Academic Dean. He has also lectured on human individuality in the UK and Ireland, at Westminster University and the College of Osteopaths, to the public, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Jaqueline Greenfield

Jacqueline Greenfield, ND, is licenced as a Naturopathic Medical Doctor in the state of Arizona (but is not a member of the General Medical Council in the UK). She has twelve years' experience in naturopathy and nutrition, as well as being a licenced acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine. Jacqueline is a Master of the Institute for Human Individuality and a Board Member, and has presented IfHI training seminars with Tom Greenfield.

Date: Friday, 01. March to Sunday, 03. March 2013

Start of the seminar: Friday 3p.m.

End of the seminar: Sunday, 1p.m.

Location: only 45 minutes away from Frankfurt/Main in the town of Worms.

Venue: Weingut Sandwiese

Fahrweg 19, 67550 Worms


The seminar will be held in English with German translation. The seminar is also open to english speaking participants from all other European countries. The seminar materials are in German, and also optionally in English.

Cost for the seminar: 385 Euro

Certification fee: 150 Euro

At registration a deposit of 100 Euro is required.

The payment of the balance must be received in full before the beginning of the seminar.

The cost of the seminar includes:

⁃ catering (coffee break, lunch on Saturday, drinks)

⁃ Test Kits

⁃ Seminar documents: Fellow Study Guide


Silvia Neumann, Tel.: (+49) 06239-409157, www.4Blutgruppen.de


To arrange your own course, or to receive further information about future courses, join our mailing list for IfHI training.