Report on the IfHI UK Conference 14-15th September 2013

Post date: 29-Oct-2013 10:39:35

On September 14-15 2013 Dr. Peter D’Adamo ND was special guest and keynote speaker at the IfHI UK Conference and Inaugural Launch of the International College of Generative Medicine. It was the first time Dr. D’Adamo had spoken at an IfHI Conference outside the United States, and he drew an international crowd of delegates from Eire, Northern Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Chile and the US.

The conference started on the Saturday at greenfields clinic, Canterbury, with a special workshop for the fifteen people taking the IfHI Fellow or Master certification training. Taught by Tom and Jacqueline Greenfield, delegates were shown a live demonstration of a SWAMI Pro GenoType assessment with a volunteer patient from greenfields clinic. Real-time observation of the interviewing, taking measurements, data input and assessment process data from a real patient generated relevant questions and interaction among the group.

Students then practiced their skills of ABO typing and taking blood samples for Lewis blood tests, and worked on each other in pairs using the NAP GenoTyping Kit. Lewis test samples were later tested in greenfields laboratory, and secretor status results were mailed out to the students.

A webinar each for IfHI Master and Fellow students the week prior to the conference had helped them to assimilate the information in their study guides, and the test papers were issued at the conference. Students submitted a high standard of work with their multiple choice papers and essay questions, which were sent to IfHI Head Office in the US for grading.

On the Sunday, 26 delegates including existing IfHI Fellows and Masters met in The Veg Box Café, Canterbury, for the main conference. Included in their delegate packs was an electronic version of Generative Medicine Volume I: Systems, Concepts and Pathways, on a USB flash drive, a generous gift from Dr. D’Adamo of his 800-page textbook used as the reference guide for the didactic education modules of the new Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine Studies at the University of Bridgeport. The textbook also contains all the research used as the basis for Dr. D’Adamo’s popular book The GenoType Diet: Change your Genetic Destiny.

Jacqueline Greenfield ND Lic Ac. MIfHI opened the event on Sunday with a presentation introducing the future structure of IfHI. She revealed to delegates that this conference marked the beginning of the transition from IfHI to the International College of Generative Medicine (ICGM). A new curriculum would allow for the creation of a trainer or coach of personalised nutrition concepts to assist members of the public wanting to include aspects of personalised nutrition in their lives, and to help them set and reach personal goals to maintain their wellbeing.

In addition, delegates saw that their platform to train enabling them to teach and help the public will be enhanced. Dr. Greenfield assured existing and new IfHI Fellow and Master certificate holders that they would be eligible for a fast track into training for the new title.

A new tiered structure of membership was introduced for the ICGM, with criteria for entry and allowing practitioners to be able to study and certify at the same level of education as naturopathic physicians in the US. There was an open discussion about the future of IfHI, and delegates became inspired by the high standards of education at the ICGM, which would in turn improve the value of their certification. At future ICGM conferences lay people will be able to audit the events to enhance their continuing education in addition to practitioners who are certifying. Naturopathic physicians outside the US will be assisted in a path to achieving ICGM certification, which will help to raise the standards of naturopathic medicine worldwide.

Jacqueline Greenfield explained to delegates that their attendance of the IfHI Conference entitles them to one year’s membership of IfHI, and that previous IfHI members whose membership has lapsed, a renewal membership fee would be required for them to participate in the transition to the ICGM or the personalised nutrition certification. All members will be required to complete ICGM approved continuing education credits to maintain membership and/or certification. These CEUs will be identified soon.

Tom Greenfield ND DO MIfHI then presented on “The science behind the GenoType Diet biometrics.” Combining knowledge of genetic linkage from the blood groups with the epigenetic factors associated with biometric measurements, the SWAMI GenoType software gives both practitioners and lay people a chance to further refine their dietary and lifestyle approach to maintaining and improving their health. New research, such as a 2013 study into D2:D4 ratio showing those with longer fourth fingers and therefore higher testosterone levels are less likely to trust others, further strengthens the concept of genetic archetypes proposed by Dr. D’Adamo in his book The GenoType Diet: Change Your Genetic Destiny. Other new research published last year confirms the association with environmental stress on the pregnant mother causing changes in limb length on the offspring, as seen in the SWAMI GenoType measurements.

A lunch suitable for all blood types was served to conference delegates as old friends met and new friendships were forged. Amongst the delegates were Drs. Stuart Semple and Karl Reitmann, long-time MIfHI graduates.

After lunch Dr. Peter D’Adamo ND MIfHI gave his keynote presentation on the main concepts of Generative Medicine, entitled: “Epigenetics and phenotypic plasticity: Methods of assessment and actionable consequences.” Dr. D’Adamo introduced some topics in the Generative Paradigm, including network medicine, fragility, Generative Strategies, protein folding, lectins, hormesis, heat shock stress response, amongst other topics. Using the four ‘P’s of systems biology, Predict, Prevent, Personalise and Participate, Dr. D’Adamo gave examples of how Generative Medicine is put into practice at the University of Bridgeport Center of Excellence, including his unique software platform “Quodlibet”. This online computer programme allows the user to investigate the natural agents that interact with specific biochemical pathways, and create personalised prescriptions in real time. The presentation was well received by the audience, most of whom had been studying for their Fellow or Master certification.

After the event, North American Pharmacal invited all delegates to an informal reception with drinks and canapés at the local Abode hotel. The Lord Mayor of Canterbury attended the event to greet Dr. D’Adamo, and invited him and his wife Martha to a personal guided tour of the City on their next visit. Delegates had a chance to mingle with Dr. D’Adamo and Martha, and group photographs were taken of all attendees.