Concierge Service

Concierge Services

Naturopathic medicine consultation, GenoType Diet and Genome Mapping to plan natural interventions for reversal of epigenetic changes with personalised nutrition, support and advice wherever you are in the world by teleconference or other electronic contact methods.

Register for our concierge telemedicine practices to get comprehensive individualised health assessments, electronic medical records, access to a second opinion and help with complex disease management with complementary nutrition and lifestyle advice. Step outside the traditional healthcare queue and get same-day or next day services Monday through Friday UTC.

Paired with mobile technologies we have instant access to your entire health history, and we keep your records on hand for reference. Furthermore, we will follow up on all events during the year. If you like, part of our programme is to develop a rapport with your primary care physician or GP so that continuity of care can be provided if you require a hospital stay. This kind of personalised care is what was offered to patients receiving house calls in the past, and is what defines today's telemedicine equivalent. The modern patient who travels can avail themselves of quick access to healthcare information and answers to enquiries within 24 - 48 hours. Freed from the shackles of third party payment, concierge practitioners can take full advantage of phone, email and teleconferencing.

A face-to-face encounter with Tom or Jacqueline Greenfield is necessary for all initial consultations which may be accomplished in person or via Skype or FaceTime. For more information about initial consultations contact us. When physical examinations are necessary we can arrange an office visit in Arizona, USA, London or Canterbury.

We use the JaneApp practice management system to securely book your appointments, keep clinical notes and for sending you test results and messages in a secure environment.

A single annual fee includes unlimited naturopathic, a Genome assessment and GenoType Diet consultations with Tom or Jacqueline Greenfield for one patient. Relevant laboratory blood group evaluation and biometric measurements are required. Supplements and herbal formulas are available via our virtual pharmacies. Á la carte acupuncture or osteopathic treatments are available in London and Canterbury, UK, and and IV therapy and protocols in Phoenix, AZ, at additional cost. Laboratory fees and measuring kits can be ordered remotely as necessary, and blood draws can be done by your GP or local laboratory. Genome raw data extraction by 23andMe in the UK and 23andMe in the US and additional services for gene SNP determinations processed by can be ordered online.

Jacqueline Greenfield is available for locations in London, Canterbury, and also in the state of Arizona, USA. Tom Greenfield is available for London and Canterbury locations.

For more information about our concierge services please contact us.

This page is for information only, and does not guarantee benefit or cure from treatment.