Testimonials: Tom Greenfield

Emails from some of the patients who have benefited from consultation and treatment with Tom Greenfield.

"Thank you so much for the support and wisdom you have shared which have helped me to change and develop. Of all the healing techniques available, naturopathy seems to have been the most drastic in its positive effects for me at this particular time. Thank you for your belief in wellness, and the possibility for health and energy. I am very appreciative.

"It has been a pivotal point in my life changing my diet, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work ... On a physical level, my energy continues to increase, I feel lighter, fitter, stronger and healthier. On every level, I am happier, clearer and more alive. The difference continues to amaze and delight me."

Amanda A, Norfolk.


"I have had my cholesterol reading back from the doctor and my level before trying the SWAMI was 5.5. It is now 4.4, with 2.9 HDL and either 2.4 or 2.5 LDL."

Stephen M, West Sussex.


"I have followed the principles of the blood group diet for a number of years but had a number of reservations and it never felt like I had the whole picture. In contrast, for the last 7 months I have been following the Geno Type diet and I love it! It feels perfect for me.

"I have never liked the idea of one diet plan suiting every individual. As an 'explorer' GenoType, having my own tailor made diet plan was of course especially attractive! {We do like to be seen as individual!} A lot of my 'best avoided' foods were ones that I had questioned at some point in my life. Also, I have found lots of beneficial foods that I really enjoy. Interestingly, when comparing the blood group diet and the geno-type diet, I found some small but significant differences in both recommended and best-avoided foods. The recommended exercise plan also suits my preferred way of life.

"Since following the GenoType diet I have felt fitter, stronger and definitely much healthier. I have so much more energy. I have only lost a little bit of weight [about 4kgs] but look much slimmer [less fluid retention?]. My sensitive stomach no longer gives me problems. I have had a lot of positive feedback from friends and family – many have said I look 10 years younger and the healthiest I have looked in years. Certainly I feel the fittest I have been for a number of years.

"At long last I feel I have found the right eating & exercise plan and lifestyle guidelines to give me optimum health and therefore maximum enjoyment from life.

"I heartily recommend that everyone should explore the GenoType Diet, especially anyone with any health concerns or who is looking to optimise their wellbeing. A few small but significant changes could make a huge difference to your health and well-being."

Stephanie H, Canterbury.


"What can I say? What you already know...! The 'O' diet is absolutely fantastic for me!!! My physiology has totally changed. I've lost my stodginess, almost totally, in only 6 weeks. I'm evangelical about it too."

Jo M, Lewisham.


"When I first came to see Tom I was suffering from extreme exhaustion and fatigue. Only 3 weeks into the new diet he worked out for me and I was feeling significantly better, now, a year on and I have never felt better. I had been to many doctors and therapists, both natural and allopathic before seeing Tom and none were as thorough, professional, or had such a calm and reassuring presence. I highly recommend Tom Greenfield - I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't benefit in some large way from his expertise and care."

Kate T, Whitstable.


"I saw you back in August/September last year, I have now lost a stone in weight which is great, My energy levels are better on the whole, I am sleeping better on the whole, migraines have on the whole reduced in number and severity, hot flushes, some times they are scarce other times they are still a nuisance, I say on the whole as I do still have energy and migraine blips when life gets very stressful."

Wenda P, Gloucestershire.


"I can most warmly recommend the nutritional advice given by Tom Greenfield, proprietor of the Nature Cure Centre in Canterbury. About 6 months ago I was told by my doctor on the basis of a blood test that I was in a high-risk category for heart attack and was strongly advised to take statins permanently to lower my cholesterol level. I preferred to try a more natural method by changing my already careful diet and increasing my existing exercise routine (though not to an onerous level). I therefore had a consultation with Tom in which he prescribed a diet regime based largely on superfoods, which I have followed closely but not obsessively. I have just had a further blood test and find that the key indicator of cholesterol-associated risk of heart disease (the total cholesterol:HDL ratio) has gone down by 37% to well below the at-risk level. This in itself speaks volumes for Tom’s advice, but in addition I have lost a stone in weight (though I was not overweight before) and my level of vitality and general well-being is far higher. Some of this may be due to the increased exercise, but I am certain that the change of diet has been the critical factor."

EJ, Canterbury


"Just some feedback from my eating plan. I am really thrilled. I have lost 2 Kgs already but more importantly I am feeling motivated and my cravings have really gone. I feel so blessed that my journey towards good health bought me across your path...

"I have been put in positions of temptation regarding shortcuts e.g. liposuction, injections over the last year and every cell in my being fought against it. My reward I believe was coming across you on the other side of the world and choosing to invest in my health in way that was comfortable on a soul level...

"I believe my journey is going to be amazing and I am sharing what I have learnt with my community of fellow SCIO practitioners and Trauma release therapists."

Linda C, Benoni, Gauteng