About Traditional Acupuncture

To wait for the illness to develop

before remedying it,

For the disorder to form

before taking care of it,

Is to wait until one is thirsty

before digging the well.

-Su Wen

Traditional acupuncture is a system of healthcare which originated in China many thousands of years ago. The ancient Chinese were not allowed to cut into the body, so they came up with a different system to explain the communication and connections within the body that worked via channels as opposed to nerves and blood vessels. Through meticulous observation and record keeping, they showed how any obstruction along a channel would, over time, lead to pathology and/or pain within the body. Through careful study they developed an intricate system of cause and effect. Acupuncture aims to address any imbalance within the body to correct the communication networks and therefore improve health.

Dig the well before you are thirsty

Traditional Acupuncture at Greenfields

From a medical viewpoint, acupuncture is believed to stimulate the nervous system, influencing the body's self-regulating homeostatic systems, leading to the promotion of physical and emotional well-being.

When included in a comprehensive management programme, acupuncture has been proven to reduce pain levels. If you are being treated medically for your injuries, you may want to assist your process by balancing with acupuncture.

Whether dealing with the stress or pain from your injuries, balancing with acupuncture has shown to help many people recover.

Because acupuncture provides a way of diagnosis and treatment that is outside of the western model, acupuncture can often provide a fresh perspective giving you insight into the cause leading to a new treatment approach.

An interesting and consistent outcome is that acupuncture is found to be a safe treatment with very few side effects when undertaken by a qualified practitioner.

Often, one or two treatments provide noticeable and often complete relief. Because acupuncture is not a curative modality, some conditions may require several treatments as well as dietary adjustments and/or complementary herbal remedies.

Some common conditions that acupuncture can treat are listed in the document 'Common Conditions.pdf' below.

If you wish to do a bit more in depth research about the role acupuncture can play in helping you with your particular condition, download the 'Acupuncture Cert Brochure.pdf' below, or check our page on acupuncture research.

Other questions about your acupuncture treatment may be answered in our frequently asked questions and your first treatment pages.


Jacqueline Greenfield


Focused first Consultation & Treatment - 60 mins, £60

Follow up Consultation & with 30 min Treatment , £50

Programmes for anti-smoking, hay fever, detox & weight loss, addiction and anti-stress - 3 session prepaid packages for £150

For appointments or further information call reception on 01227 454 848, or contact our acupuncturists by email: Acupuncture Enquiry Form

Please note: Although greenfields makes every attempt to ensure that practitioners are qualified in their respective therapies and hold a current certificate of professional indemnity insurance, we cannot be held responsible for treatments given by practitioners at the clinic, please contact the practitioner directly for any enquiries regarding your treatment in the first instance, or alternatively contact another practitioner.

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Acupuncture Cert Brochure.pdf
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