Acupuncture FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Acupuncture

  1. Does it hurt? Initial insertion can either be pain free or you may feel a slight prick. As the needle is further manipulated this may be followed by an uncomfortable ache. This is a positive sign and will soon dissipate. With ear points there will be no further manipulation following insertion
  2. Will I need to undress? You may be required to remove some clothing to allow access to relevant acupuncture points
  3. How will I feel after the session? Most people feel relaxed and calm after the session. You may also feel tired however, and should therefore allow yourself time to rest thereafter
  4. Should I have acupuncture on an empty stomach? It is not advisable to have acupuncture more than 3 hours after eating as some people may experience nausea. If you suffer with low blood sugar or low blood pressure then it is especially important that you have a light snack before your session. However, please do not have a heavy meal just before your treatment
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