Aromatherapy Massage

An aromatherapy massage may be relaxing, energising or remedial depending upon your requirements. Pure essential oils derived from plants, flowers, trees, fruits, barks, seeds and grasses that have medicinal benefits are individually blended following your consultation to optimise your health and treat a wide variety of conditions.

Different oils affect many of the body’s systems and encourage natural healing. The natural chemical constituents of essential oils are carried in the blood stream with a therapeutic effect, certain oils have an affinity with particular areas of the body and their properties have a balancing, sedative or stimulating effect on the body systems, and aromatic signals are sent to the brain where they exert a direct effect on the mind and emotions. Following your treatment certain essential oils or products may be recommended to continue your treatment at home.

Christin Hume

greenfields clinic is not currently offering aromatherapy massage, please see massage for details of bodywork.