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Details about Vibrational Healing

A layering of treatments called Pain Sequence Therapy uses a series of brief probe and pad techniques, retesting the patient’s pain-free range of motion after each step for optimal effects. Combined therapy using Microcurrent and Acupuncture needles placed on extremities address local areas of pain more completely. Chinese 'distal points' and 'master points' can be selected for combined microcurrent and colour light treatments to local painful or restricted areas or for severe back pain or sciatica. Although non-meridian point areas that are painful are treated, the focus is on acupoints and muscle origin and insertions.

Sequential Therapy is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory for root and branch treatment. The Root is related to underlying weakness or toxicity of organs, glands, the 3 treasures Qi, Jing and Shen, hereditary factors or pervasive emotional/soul imbalance. Microcurrent Vibrational Healing uses specific frequencies and polarity patterns for detoxificaion and balancing of the autonomic nervous system, organs, hormones and meridians and emotional clearing. Root treatments include spinal autonomic balancing, governing vessel and conception vessel stimulation, auricular master points, odonton (gum microsystem), meridian testing and balancing, earclips, soul healing, chakra balancing.

The Branch treatments address pain and neuromuscular weakness derived from the Patterns Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis warranted by a matching Chinese Treatment Principles. Root or underlying conditions and Branch or symptoms are treated by techniques include circling the dragon, polarised probe treatments, reverse body, auricular micro-macro, acupuncture, scalp and hand acupuncture, russian stimulation, electro-massage, micro-interferential with exercise.

Microcurrent method addresses pain relief, improvement of circulation and neuro-muscular rehabilitation.

Practitioner: Jacqueline Greenfield

Cost for Microcurrent Therapy:

1-Hour session £50

For chronic or complex problems and rehabilitation, 6 sessions for the price of 5

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