Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking with NLP and Hypnotherapy

Michael Kaufmann, an expert in NLP and Hypnotherapy since 1997, offers a powerful approach to help you stop smoking and look forward to a healthy future.

"If you are currently smoking then take a moment and ask yourself;

  • Do I really value my health?
  • Do I care about having a future with the people I love?
  • Am I committed to stopping smoking a.s.a.p.?

Only contact me if you’ve answered all three questions with YES!

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I was once a smoker too. I didn’t like the scare tactics of health risk statistics either. I will therefore spare you the sinister facts. However, how is your level of life energy, vitality and stamina right now? You don’t need statistics, just get inside your body for a moment and ask your lungs if they really want another cigarette. There are up to 300 toxins contained in each puff!

If you had £60,000 would you burn them? Well, you would if you were smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 40 years (provided that the price for cigarettes would not increase). Every year, £1,800 of your money would go up in smoke. What else could you do with the money?

How Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you stop smoking

If you tried to stop smoking before then you probably did the following: You made the conscious decision to quit and then employed your will power every time you wanted a cigarette until at some point you ran out of steam and gave up giving up…

Both Hypnotherapy and NLP enjoy such high success rates because they don’t rely on your conscious will power. Instead they identify and target the unconscious drivers of your habit. The result is an effortless transformation that feels so natural as if smoking quit you. Individually, Hypnotherapy and NLP belong to the most effective therapies for overcoming unwanted habits - combined they are unbeatable! My Stop Smoking package offers you this approved and powerful combination.

Why Hypnotherapy and NLP will work for you

The fact that you’ve been able to smoke for some time now proves that Hypnotherapy and NLP will work for you. This is because you had to (unknowingly) employ their principles in order to start smoking in the first place.

When you started to smoke you had to reframe the offensive stink of burning tobacco leaves into something pleasant. You also had to associate some positive feelings with smoking or else you would have lost your motivation to smoke long before any addictive effects could have developed. You even managed to train your memory not to forget to take cigarettes with you whenever you go out.

My Stop Smoking package will help you to overcome your habit by reversing the way in which you’ve unconsciously created it. You will simply arrive at being what deep down you have always been: a natural non-smoker. Imagine how else you could benefit from such powerful therapies. Act and contact me now. You have nothing to loose, but much to gain!"

Practitioner: Michael Kaufmann

Cost: £69 per one hour session

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