Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy and NLP

About Losing weight with Hypnotherapy and NLP

Why do people become overweight?

Most of us who overeat do so for emotional or habitual reasons, trying to satisfy our cravings for certain feelings without the body having a real need for the excess food. It may be that we eat because we are bored or stressed or lonely. We may eat too much of so called "junk food". Perhaps we believe that we eat healthily, but then still eat too much. Combined with a lack of exercise, we put on more weight than is healthy for us.

How can Hypnotherapy and NLP help?

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Hypnotherapy and NLP give us direct access to the unconscious mind to help change the old eating habits and resolve the emotional reasons for over-eating. Hypnotherapy and NLP can empower you to change your attitude towards the food you eat, so that you no longer want to snack on crisps or chocolates or finish everything on your plate even if you are not hungry. This enables you to enjoy eating healthily and at the same time lose weight in a safe and natural way.

Many celebrities have turned to Hypnotherapy and NLP to lose weight, amongst them Lily Allen, model Sophie Dahl, singer Geri Halliwell and the Duchess of York.

Practitioner: Michael Kaufmann

Cost: £69 per one hour session

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