Cancer Support

The latest research and treatment for cancer is about lectin management.

Many anti-cancer drug therapy is based on understanding how lectins interact with sugar molecules on cells, especially abnormal cells that are fixed in replication mode. Abnormal sugars, the product of reprogrammed cell expression and those resulting from free radical damage, are attached like antennae on cell membranes or are suspended in the circulation. They can assist the direction of metastatic cancer cells to embed into tissues. They can also have the ability to fool the immune system with cloaking molecules. Lectins are proteins in foods and the environment that stick easily to these abnormally formed sugars. Lectin research in cancer produces new drugs targeting these abnormal sugars.

Understanding that these abnormal sugars are originally stimulated from outside the cell due to toxins from the environment, drugs, products of poor digestion, or free radical damage. According to Generative Medicine, the body has self-correcting mechanisms that when given the chance, help to reverse the production of these abnormal sugars, thereby helping to restore cellular immunity.

The GenoType Diet, which includes personalised supplement support, lifestyle and stress management strategies, is designed to help the body to reverse abnormal sugar production because it works to find the unique food combinations that nourish and support your body to perform its natural functions.

Nutritional and lifestyle support improve wellbeing when included as supportive care during medical treatments for cancer patients.

Often additional support may be needed by focusing on food intolerances that may have developed during chronic conditions that lead to cancer. These food intolerances are best addressed by state of the art IgG Allergy testing of 270 food allergens, testing the antibodies that have developed in the blood, against quality controlled, highly purified and organic antigens from a superior lab in Germany.

Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash